The natural spectacle of the sea caves

One of the most fascinating and unforgettable excursions is the one to the sea caves of the city of Vieste considered unique and among the most beautiful in Italy.


The excursion generally lasts 3 hours, during which it is possible to admire most of the caves located along the southern coast of the Gargano, but also the coves, bays, cliffs and stacks that fall within the territorial waters of Mattinata.
The journey to discover all these natural wonders starts from the port of the city of Vieste until reaching the bay of Vignanotica (in Mattinata) from where we leave to return to the port after a short stop in the charming bay.


The sea caves are the result of constant and aggressive erosion of the sea and wind, which over the centuries have created natural masterpieces such as the Architiello of San Felice (elected as a symbol of the Gargano). There are about twenty caves that can be visited from the inside, of these there are 10 that arouse more attention due to their particularity, each one has been assigned a name that leads back to their peculiarities. Those discovered more recently, on the other hand, have been given more imaginative names to attract the tourist’s curiosity.


Here they are in order following the path from north to south, from Vieste to Mattinata:


Smugglers’ cave:

the name takes its cue from the action of some smugglers who, to escape the Guardia di Finanza, bravely emerged from the other impervious side of the cave;

Small cave bell:

The name of the cave recalls the shape conceived by the generous nature, that of the bell of the past;

Hot cave:

The name derives from the high temperature inside the cave, heat due to a source of hot water;

Broken cave:

it can be recognized by the completely collapsed ceiling and by the two entrances to the cavity;

Cave of Tomatoes:

takes its name from some red growths present on its walls that resemble tomatoes, in reality they are molluscs commonly known as ‘sea tomatoes’;

Two eyes cave:

the name refers to two cavities on the top of the rock that resemble two human eyes. These holes let the light into the cave and on sunny days the walls are colored with spectacular effects.

Cave of the pigeons:

a cave that protects the homonymous beach thanks to very high rocks and centuries-old pines;

Long Grottoes, that is the Grotta dei Marmi:

the name takes its inspiration from the color of its walls, white and shiny just like the precious marble;

Cave of the sirens:

it is said that mermaids have lived inside;

Cave of the two rooms:

name deriving from the natural union of two communicating caves. On the Vignanotica beach it is possible to admire;


It’s still:

Cave of dreams

Cave of the Palette

Big bell cave

Arco cave

Snake cave

Girotondo cave

Cave of the windows

Magic Eye cave


The excursion to the sea caves of Vieste will give you magnificent memories of your vacation. It is an experience that will overwhelm you and will give you emotions, colors and scents typical of our territory: the Gargano.


It is possible to visit the caves by contacting one of the numerous agencies present on the port of Vieste or more simply by renting a boat and, following the coast, explore them in total autonomy.