The trabucchi of Gargano: what they are and where to find them

Another great symbol of the Gargano are certainly the trebuchets. Real fishing machines built entirely of wood, which made it possible to fish from the mainland instead of going offshore, especially in the stormiest months of the year. For these reasons they were built in the places where the coast is most exposed to the Adriatic. The trabucchi have a very particular impressive structure, so much so that over the years they have become the symbol of the entire north coast of this wonderful area.


In recent decades the trebuchets have been extensively re-evaluated, so much so that excursions and simulations have been organized on various machines that are still functional today. Today they are safeguarded by the ‘I Trabucchi del Gargano’ association, which protects these important historical testimonies so representative of the difficult past of the Gargano area.


Along the Vieste coast it is possible to admire 10 trabucchi and 16 between the cities of Vieste and Peschici. Each of them is composed of nets, ropes and wooden branches that protrude as already mentioned towards the sea. Many can even be visited, while others are not, for safety reasons.


These are the Trabucchi of Gargano to see:

Vieste – Mattinata coast road – Vieste – Punta la Testa area;
Vieste – The ripa;
Vieste – Island of Santa Eufemia;
Vieste – Location Punta S. Francesco c / o historic center Vieste – Not open to visitors / Private;
Vieste – Lungomare C. Colombo – Open / Public;
Vieste – Lungomare Europa S.Lorenzo area – Open / Public;
Vieste – Litoranea Vieste – Peschici km 1, c / o beach of Punta Lunga;
Vieste – Molinella area;
Vieste – Santa Maria locality, Vieste-Peschici coast road 2 Km;
Vieste – La Chianca locality, Vieste-Peschici coast road 9 Km;

Peschici – Sfinalicchio Litoranea Vieste – Peschici 12 km;
Peschici – Provincial Road 52 – Pontifical Location;
Peschici – Provincial Road 52 – Monte Pucci area;
Peschici – Provincial Road 52 – Location Manaccora;
Peschici – Provincial Road 52 – Location Punta Usmai;
Peschici – Provincial Road 52 – Location Forcichella;


In reality there would still be others, but unfortunately they are in a state of total abandonment.